Nahrávací a postprodukční studio

Creation of audiobooks

Recording audiobooks Redbell studio in Prague

Creation, recording and production of audiobooks.

Are you looking for the perfect studio to record your audiobooks? Do you want to create and publish your own audiobook with amazing sound effects and music?

We offer professional recording and post-production of audiobooks for publishing houses. We provide everything – voice actor, dramaturgy, music, recording and finalization.

Our studio offers the complete creation and production of audiobooks.

Recording audiobooks can be a long run. The comfort of our speakers and other voice actors is a priority for us. Whether you are used to reading from paper or prefer reading from an iPad, we will prepare everything for your complete comfort. You will give the best possible performance.

Because we live by (audio) books, we have combined our two greatest passions and become a publishing house.

We simply know audiobooks.